Seasonal Health


It is important that we look after ourselves throughout the year – at different times of the year our bodies have different needs.

Below are some key things to think about throughout the year.

Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter


As the weather begins to get warmer in spring there is an increase in pollen in the air – If you suffer from hay fever now is the time to start taking medication to relieve the sympoms of hay fever.

Sometimes, the weather and pollen can make asthma worse, so it is essential to attend your yearly inhaler review and keep spare inhalers with you.

Spring also marks the start of holiday season, so make sure your travel vaccinations are up to date.

With the warmer weather people start to play more sport and are more active outside, so remember sports safety and how to look after minor sports injuries.


Remembering to keep your skin safe is a key part of having an enjoyable summer. If you are not careful in the sun you can put yourself at risk of things like sun stroke and dehydration.  Another part of sun safety is remembering to dress appropriately for the weather.

Summer is the main holiday season, so it’s important to keep your travel vaccinations up to date.  It is also important maintain good sexual health on holiday.

As we take part in more outdoor activities during summer we can be more at risk of bug bites and stings and animal bites.  If you are visiting the beach, water safety is really important too!

While it is always good to be mindful of how much alcohol we consume, during summer it is easier to become dehydrated and feel the side effects of alcohol more strongly.


Autumn marks the return to school and university for a lot of young people. Immunisations are given to students at different ages and at different times of the school year, so it is good to keep on track with these.

If you are in one of the ‘at risk’ groups it is important that you have your flu jab in autumn before flu season starts.

If you take part in bonfire night, firework safety and bonfires safety is an important part of having an pleasant celebration.


Winter is the start of cough and cold season, but there are things that we can all do to make ourselves less vulnerable to getting winter illnesses. Dressing sensibly for the weather and keeping warm are two of the most important things we can do to keep ourselves well.

Winter is celebration season for a lot of people, so it helps to be mindful of how much alcohol we consume.

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